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I emailed angry_crab to make sure it was ok for me to ask this before I joined.

I am wanting to make some feather quill pens. Like this one here. I was wanting to use feathers other then the kind you can find in the store, IE goose and turkey. I have always admired the beauty of cockatoos and settled on trying to find some cockatoo feathers. However all auctions for them on eBay have gone WAY out of my price range, plus I have no real way of knowing how the feathers where "harvested".

I am wondering if any of you would be willing to sell or give me some feathers that your birds have naturally shed. I'd really like some from a Moluccan Cockatoo, as I am fond of the color pink, but I am not going to be picky, any kind will do. My only specific is that I need a large flat one with a good shaft, from the tail or wing. Smaller ones could be used to highlight but a large one is needed for the base.

I am NOT asking you to pluck feathers from your birds for me. NEVER!! Ones that the bird has shed on its own are what I am after, as the bird no longer has a use for it. If you are willing we can work something out either in comments or via email. My email is . If you email me please make sure you put feathers in the topic. Otherwise I wont know what its about since it will go into my junk mail folder by default.

Thank you for your time in reading this.
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I found this on eBay you might be interested in it, they are yellow though.

I have some from my blue and gold and U2 and Caique but they are small. My friends and family grab the few large ones.
I've got those on my watch list. However since there are already two bidders and four days left, the chances of the price not skyrocketing is slim. Apparently there is a huge market for parrot feathers on ebay. Also I have no guarantee that the feathers where shed and not pulled, or worse the bird killed for them. I appreciate you looking for me though.

I've not quite figured out which birds are which by the lingo of the community. I'm assuming a blue and gold is the macaw in your icon but what exactly is a U2?
Umbrella Cockatoo
Yes the B & G is the one in the picture the U2 is the unbrella cockatoo. I have pictures of them it you check someof my post. I write about them often since they are my babies.

If Houdini looses any more big feathers I will save them for you.
Thank you.

Your bird babies are beautiful.
My parents have a Moluccan cockatoo, Chucki. She has lost some wing and tail feathers through molting this summer. I will see if there are any and if so, I will contact you and send them your way.

Have a super day :)
Oh thank you!
Good news, I have 6-8 wing & tail feathers from my parents' Moluccan for you. My mom was saving the feathers for a craft project but gave them up for me. I tried to pick the ones with the biggest quills, I hope you can do something with them. I also nabbed a soft peach-colored feather and a pretty orange crest feather.

Email me: amyowu05 [at] gmail [dot] com, with your mailing address, and I will send them to you.

Cheers :)
emailing away!