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Okay. I have my volunteer application ready to be sent off to the local parrot rescue, in the hopes that I will be able to foster a parrot or parrots. The room I will be using for the bird is off of our kitchen and it's only divided on one side by a bar.

I have a great set of Teflon pots that I'm prepared to put into storage during this fostering period. I'd be willing to let them go all together if I can eventually replenish my cookware supply. I do most of the cooking in the house and I've come to understand a few things:
1) Teflon kills birdies.
2) It appears that there is only a risk with new Teflon-coated pots or pots that are overheated or burnt. This has never happened before but I'm not prepared to say that it will never happen.
3) Other non-stick coatings can be just as toxic to birds and their deaths can be nearly instantaneous.
4) The same reaction can occur from candles and air fresheners, including Fabreeze. I am somewhat allergic to Fabreeze but I have yet to get rid of our bottle.

As I said, I am prepared to give up Teflon. After reading about the negative effects it also has on EVERYONE, human or birdy. I'm so ready to see it go. I just need to get the rest of the family on board. So I need a few things from you folk. I need to know of a good, cost-equivalent alternative to Teflon. I'd LOVE to replace everything we have with cast-iron but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I've heard about SS (?) but I have no idea what it is. It's on the list to research tomorrow but any other info, especially pertaining to quality and price would be helpful. My mom burns candles nightly in her bedroom which is upstairs and several rooms away from the prospective bird area. Is this a problem? If so, are there candles that are reliably non-toxic?

As for the Fabreeze - my family has been briefed on the dangers of chemicals that are toxic to birds and I have been gradually changing all of our cleaning supplies over to organic, non-toxic stuff. If the use of Fabreeze continues in this house, it will have to happen outside mostly due to my intolerance for it but when the parrot comes it will be expressly verboten. I've yet to find a reliable alternative. Any suggestions? We have a lot of other animals so some sort of deodorizer is really a necessity. We are not afraid to use herbs and herbal oils in this house if they are safer.

I know that there are zillions of other chemicals out there that are not suitable for use in a bird-owner's home but are there any others I should really be concerned about? We do not use weed-killers or pesticides of any kind. I can't vouch for what our neighbors use but the bird will never be allowed in an "unvouchable area". Windex is bad for people, I assume the same goes for animals along with wood polish etc. How about orange oil cleansers? Baking soda? (we use baking soda to clean our carpets). Anything that we shouldn't boil on the stove like herbs or veggies?

ANY other info you have on toxic substances or circumstances to birds is appreciated.
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