pickleboot (pickleboot) wrote in cockatoos,

New, and a few questions

Hi! I am Nicole, and I am owned by a TAG, Belle, and a Quaker, Verdita.

I have the chance to give a home to a Bare Eyed 'Too and am looking for some advice. I know that he is 8 years old, that at this point he is not mutilating or plucking, and that he is not screaming in his current home.

Apparently he was shut in an attic for a few years- unclear on how long- but was fed a seed only diet, heavy on sunflower seeds during that time. So I am worried about liver issues, but I hope that frequent vet checks can help with that.

So any advice? Is this a bad idea? I am a SAHM, my kids are going to be homeschooled next year, so we will be around. I also have the two other birds- will that be a problem? Verdita thinks she is a big bird, and Belle is just calm, so I hope that there will be no real issues.

Thanks in advance!
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